Peltier Station Winery

USB by Peltier Station

In 2008 we were ready to release our USB “dessert wine,” and were confronted with a problem. What to call a “Port” style wine if you are not permitted to use the word Port on the label? Beginning March 10, 2006 wineries seeking label approval in the United States were not allowed to use specific descriptions and geographical designations. A few names that are not authorized for use on wines originating in the United States seeking label approval include: Burgundy, Champagne, and Port. These amendments led us to create a list of ideas to denote “Port” without using the actual word. The binary code depicting a grapevine on our bottles delivers the concealed message, “Peltier Station.” We presented this new package for label approval to the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), where USB was received with enthusiasm and support..

USB dessert wine